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I’m over the moon with the results

I have definitely noticed a significant decrease in back pain and increase in my mobility. I still have some lower back pain, but not as severe as when I first reached out to to you.  I am more flexible in

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I feel excited at what my future holds

Since working with Annette on the Abundance Program, after 2 sessions I already feel so much lighter and less stressed about money, things have shifted at a deep level and it’s gentle and subtle.  I feel excited at what my

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Like a weight lifted from my shoulders

  A lovely lady told me about Annette when I mentioned not really knowing what I was doing, not knowing where to go next, and just feeling stuck, hard on myself and drained. While working with Annette I found that

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How calm, confident & open I feel

  I was at my wit’s end, wanting to move forward with my life but knowing that something deep inside me was blocking all my efforts. Then someone recommended Annette to me. Her immediate energy allayed all my concerns, and

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Like taking a splinter out of your foot

I was referred to Annette in a roundabout way by a family member after having a tough year. At first I was sceptical, I guess that’s natural. What she does is like nothing I have come across before. In the 4 or

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I was at the end of the line…

Basically I was at the end of the line . Everything in my life was a mess. Finances, illness, relationships. I had done so much work on myself and couldn’t turnaround anything . I felt hopeless and sunk into an

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