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Dr. Bradley Nelson in the Huffington Post

See the article in the Huffington Post about Dr. Bradley Nelson (founder and creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code).  Very interesting article about his background and creation of these simple and effective energy healing programs. Just click

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I do my work with more confidence & presence

After the Body Code sessions I almost always felt lighter After the Body Code sessions I almost always felt lighter, and gradually felt my body or myself in a different way with more clarity or confidence. Changes are that especially

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I am truly in a better place

Working with Annette has helped me become very clear about the person I want to become, and the goals I would like to achieve in my health, personal development and business. Annette has a kind heart, she is an attentive

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Emotional health by Dr. Christiane Northrup

Some interesting quotes from Dr. Christiane Northrup in her book “Goddesses Never Age”: “I have long known that at their core, all illness and physical ailments – including those seemingly caused by accidents or viruses – have an emotional component. 

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I found the motivation to move forward

♥ Before I started the sessions with Annette, I was feeling very run down, tired for no reason, and lost in life. We started to remove the Heartwall before anything else – that took 3 sessions. I’ve had more sessions

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