Annette Janover Wellness Coach

After my first session I manifested $5,000

Before I started my Emotion Code sessions with Annette, I was often feeling very angry, upset and frustrated about a lot of things happening in my life. After Annette released my blocked emotions….I felt so much lighter, like a heavy weight had been lifted out of my body. I’m finding it so much easier to cope with the everyday stresses that come into my life, and I don’t hang onto my anger and frustration like I used to, it’s now easier to let it all go.

The week after my first Emotion Code session, I manifested $5,000, plus the sale of a property (only on the market for a few weeks) both very unexpected. My marriage has also improved, definitely a lot more relaxed atmosphere now than before I started with Annette. As for our business…I feel more confident in myself, I’m putting forward my thoughts more and also come up with some great ideas.

Thank-you Annette, I owe you so much, you are such a beautiful person.
Isabel Haynes-Riley


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