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Chronic digestive issues for years

I started doing energy work with Annette about 4 months ago. I had been experiencing chronic digestive issues for years and I wanted to try working with a Body Code practitioner as I’d come to believe that a lot of physical/emotional issues come from blockages in which many times are in the form of energy.

 I would have to sum up my experience so far as fascinating and rewarding. There’ve been so many energy blockages that have come up in our sessions that make a lot of sense when I reflect back on them. I feel like I’ve been carrying around so much baggage from my childhood and the more I can let go, the more I can heal and grow.

In terms of physical changes, my digestion has improved greatly – way more so than in any of the numerous solutions I’ve tried in the past. I also have more energy, which I wasn’t expecting, but has been an added bonus. We’ve also been working on several other areas of which I am noticing results as well.

Lastly, it’s been a pleasure working with Annette – she’s very personable in her approach, she’s full of positive energy, and she provides a detailed summary for every session. If you’re interested in trying this type of modality, definitely consider trying her services.

Ed . Seoul, South Korea


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