Annette Janover Wellness Coach

Energy (healing) is not a question of distance

Before working with you I felt very lost with a lot of sadness without knowing why. Now I feel more peaceful in my mind, more connected to myself, and more aware and conscious. I feel much more lighter and relaxed, and I feel like I started to attract new kind of things around me. It started to be like I’ve got a new energy and my mind is definitely clearer.

Regarding my health, I feel less tired than usually and my allergy that I used to have (eczema) almost disappeared. In my general life, I feel like new people that I meet in my daily life have a different behaviour with me than it used to be in the past.

Work with Annette is a very interesting experience. First of all, she’s very kind nice and funny so she makes you feel comfortable very quickly! Then, she’s very comprehensive and helpful which means that she really wants to help you as much as she can. It’s quite interesting that this work can be done even if you’re on the other side of the world because energy is not a question of distance.
Celia Ouanounou (France)


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