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I suffered from life-long, chronic social anxiety

I suffered from life-long, chronic social anxiety that was negatively affecting every area of my life. I decided to reach out to Annette after every other method of healing wasn’t giving me the results I wanted and I was still suffering from the same issues.

After a couple of sessions with Annette using the Body Code program I removed my heart wall and many trapped emotions that had been running my life behind the scenes and out of my awareness.

I’ve since felt more confident around people, started feeling more connected to myself and more open with my friends and family. I am extremely happy with the results of this program after just 5 sessions and highly recommend it to anyone who is on a path towards health and healing and may need a shift to break through their emotional blocks.

I might buy a session for my house mate for her birthday as I think she would get a lot out of it.

A.F., Graphic Design


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